Marienplatz is a Plaza located in 80331 München. It is one of the 7 plazae in Germany. Address of Marienplatz is Marienplatz, 80331 München, Germany. Marienplatz is located in a busy area and we are covering at least 1044 places around it on Marienplatz is rated 4.5 (out of 5 stars) by 77625 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Marienplatz are -

Pharmador GmbH & Co Dentalhandels KG (Dental laboratory) Fürstenfelder Str. 13, 80331 München, Germany (approx. 286 meters)
go!on Zeitarbeit GmbH (Temp agency) Rosental 4, 80331 München, Germany (approx. 327 meters)
SKECHERS Store (Shoe store) Kaufingerstraße 20, 80331 München, Germany (approx. 257 meters)
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Löscher (Infectious disease physician) Privatpraxis Prof. Dr. Löscher für Reise- und Tropenmedizin, Frauenplatz 7, 80331 München, Germany (approx. 276 meters)
Maison 123 (Women's clothing store) Marienplatz Galeria Kaufhof, Kaufingerstraße 1-5, 80326 München, Germany (approx. 210 meters)
Optimtrader 20 Kaufingerstraße, München 80331, 80331, Germany (approx. 250 meters)
Tresor Club (Club) Löwengrube 18, 80333 München, Germany (approx. 353 meters)
HNC Advisors AG (Financial planner) Löwengrube 18, 80333 München, Germany (approx. 353 meters)
Service Center (Repair service) Kaufingerstraße 1, 80331 München, Germany (approx. 211 meters)
HEAVN Homeoffice Concept Store (Lighting store) Rindermarkt 10, 80331 München, Germany (approx. 296 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Marienplatz, you can also find THE North American Real-Estate Services GmbH, Lush, Commodus Real Estate Capital Gmbh, Notar Dr. Peter Schubert, D Young & Co LLP, Mann mit offenen Armen, Spanisches Fruchthaus M. Adrover GmbH, Mieder & Dessous, DIOR, Euronet - Geldautomat - ATM, D Young & Co LLP, Privatpraxis für Kardiologie und Leistungsdiagnostik, Dr. Stefan Finsterer, FidesSecur Versicherungs Wirtschaftsdienst Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Reimann Investors, Koron-Parfümerie Fritz Reisinger, SUN-SHIRTS, Brockhaus | NE GmbH, Traditional Bravarian Wear, Carpi and many more.

Distance From Major Landmarks

Distance between Marienplatz and Hofbräuhaus München is approx 433 meters.
Distance between Marienplatz and Victuals Market is approx 361 meters.
Distance between Marienplatz and Augustiner Stammhaus is approx 603 meters.





Marienplatz, 80331 München, Germany



What is rating of Marienplatz?

Rating of Marienplatz is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Marienplatz?

Address of Marienplatz is Marienplatz, 80331 München, Germany.

Where is the Marienplatz located?

Marienplatz is located in 80331 München.

What is the Marienplatz?

Marienplatz is a Plaza in Germany

What is the Pincode of area in which Marienplatz is located?

Pincode of 80331 München is 80331

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